Seriously kalo amalkan all this steps, your body will experience a day flushing all toxins and you spend more time in bathroom flushing it all out ladies!!Which is good bcoz it comes out naturally..:)By the end of week, your body will feel much lighter and healthier plus in losing your weight gain for sure.

Breakfast (Must Used Herbalife Spoon)

Step 1 - Herbal Aloe 3 cap mix with 200ml-300ml warm water (After Wakeup Imediately Drink)

Step 2 - 7.30am cell u loss x1 +total control x1  Breakfast 3 x Big Spoon of F1 Milk shake + 1 and half big spoon protein F3

(After drinking f1+f3 must wait half hours before can drink Tea mix)

Step 3 - 9-10am 3 Big Spoon of F1 Milk shake + 1 big spoon protein F3 (if u feel hungry only drink)

Lunch (Must Used Herbalife Spoon)

 cell u loss x1 +total control x1    (after eat imedialy taking lunch)

Step 2 - drink tea mix after lunch (tea mix can help metabolic and burn fat) 1 day take at least 4 small spoon of teamix. 1spoon about 300-500ml water

(Please try not to eat lunch too greasy food)

Dinner (Must Used Herbalife Spoon)

Step 1 - 6pm 
 cell u loss x1 +total control x1   + Dinner 3 Big Spoon of F1 Milk shake + 1 and half big spoon protein F3 (water is up to u )nomaly we put 400-500ml

Step 2 - 10pm, if hungry, you can drink milk shake milk shake 3 tablespoons F1 + 1 big spoon protein F3

Attention (Must Used Herbalife Spoon)

1 )2-3 hours after drinking the F1+F3 cannot eat anything

2 )F1+F3cannot mix with hot water will destroy the nutritional

3) every day must drink 2000ML-3000Ml water including teamix

4) If u feel Hungry Can drink one more glass f1+f3,remember don let your self feel huggry if not u cannot be slimming down

5)Tea Mix 1 small spoon mix 1000Ml of water (1 day need drink at least 3-4 small spoon TeaMix)
Tea Mix, please try to finish before the 8:00 (drink Teamix water can increase the metabolism and burn fat super fast)



RM300(harga ori RM420)
1) F 1 Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder Drink 
2) F 3 Blended Soy and Whey Protein Powder
3) Tea Mix (50G)
Available in 5 Delicious Flavors:
  1. French Vanilla
  2. Cappucino
  3. Tropical Fruits
  4. Dutch Chocolate
  5. Strawberry
Suggested Usage for Herbalife Products (F1, F3, Tea mix):-
1.Take twice a day replacing your for normal meals.
2. Add in 3 spoon of F1, and 1 spoon of F3 shake with 450ml water.
3. Tea Mix only drink after 1 hour taking F1 & F3.
4. 1 small spoon of Tea Mix for 1000ml water.one day nedd 3-4 small spoon
5. Consume at least 2.5L of plain water everyday.

RM135(harga ori RM167)

Herbalife Formula 3 Lose weight Protein Powder

RM95(normal RM120)

Key Benefits
Helps maintain lean muscle mass.
Includes high-quality soy and whey proteins.
Unflavored, it mixes easily in shakes, soups and sauces.
Boosts protein intake to help fight hunger.
240g packing
Suggested Usage:
Usage Add to your Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix. For best results, women should add 1 to 2 tablespoons to each Formula 1 Shake and men should add 1 to 3 tablespoons

Herbalife Tea Mix Concentrate 50g Lemon & Hibiscus

RM100(normal RM130)

Herbal Concentrate Tea Mix - Lemon & Hibiscus (50g)
Herbal Concentrate is a refreshing and
exhilarating herbal beverage concentrate that combines ancient herbal
wisdom with modern-day convenience.
This delicious low-calorie tea-mix can
be savored throughout the day for a natural energy lift. It includes the
thermogenic and antioxidant properties of green tea, making it ideal as
part of a nutritious weight-loss program. Enjoy daily as a tasty and
healthy alternative to coffee and sodas.
Suggested Usage:
Drink in the morning before starting taking Formula 1 is the best.It helps to clear your empty stomach,help bloating too.
Use with your preferred Herbalife
Weight-Management Program or alone, to boost your energy

Herbalife Cell U Loss

RM122(Normal RM159)
Good news for ladies with heavy water retention plus heavy cellulite. This Herbalife works magically reducing your body water and minimize cellulite. You will be amazed. 
ShapeWorks™ Cell-U-Loss (90 Tablets)  
Reduce cellulite: Instead of opting for expensive and painful liposuction surgery, let nature take its course with Cell-U-Loss® to help reduce the appearance of unattractive cellulite.

Reduce excess fluids: This unique vitamin, mineral and herbal formula is designed to assist in the elimination of excess fluids.

Fluid mobilizing: A blend of herbs, including buchu, uva ursi and corn silk, have natural aquaretic (fluid mobilizing) properties. Includes lecithin, apple cider vinegar and vitamin C.
  • Improve the appearance of skin in those problem areas with this herbal blend of phytonutrients which can help eliminate excess body fluid.*
Key Benefits
  • Smooth appearance of unsightly dimpled skin*
  • Reduce fluid accumulation*
  • Improve the appearance of skin*
  • Excess body fluid can contribute to the appearance of dimpled skin and bloating. Cell-U-Loss® includes a phytonutrient blend of hydrangea, dried short buchu, uva ursi and kelp which can help reduce excess body fluid and improve the look of skin texture.*
  • Take one tablet three times a day with meals.

More will come...


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